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on 06/07/2012

lyricist searching for musician's

I am a Lyricist searching for musicians of the Country/Rock genre (Eagles, Dire straights, Elton John if available)

I am Bernie Brooks a 53 years old frustrated lyricist whos wasted his time in the hospitality industry at the highest level left with a meager pension but a thousand tales to tell.
see harry chapian, cat stevens and chris debour ect.


on 06/07/2012

I live in a little village called upwell which is quite conjusive to song writing and art in the historically appreciated county of Norfolk England


on 06/11/2012

Hey Bernie! I'm not a musician, but I'm a poet and a writer. Welcome to the site! What are you hoping to accomplish here? Do you have script ideas or are you looking for musical collaborators?

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