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on 06/19/2012

Please Check Your Profiles

Hey Everybody,

I'm trying to get those of us who are active on this site to get connected to one another...

1. If you've been here recently and posted to the forums, please check your profile and see if you have a contact request from me. If I missed you for some reason, please send ME a contact request.

2. If you are new here and post to the forum, please send me a contact request.

I'm just trying to do what I can to get those of us here to be able to utilize the social aspect of this site. Everyone has ideas and would like to get some feedback or assistance from other... if we work together, I believe we can create a viable, collaborative community here.

Let me know what you think.



Edited on 07/14/2012. Posted on 07/14/2012.

I think it's a quiet aspect here for a site with so many people and scripts. I personally don't want to collaborate on my stuff, but I do like comments, and to maybe in some wonderful place in the future have the time to comment on others screenwriting.

Cheers all. J

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