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on 06/24/2012

How to write dual story lines?

How should dual storylines look in screenplay format? Kinda like how a soap opera goes back and forth to each story through out the show. But my question is for a feature screenplay. Thanks!


on 06/28/2012

The first question that pops into my mind is: How are the stories intertwined?

If we're talking dual plot lines that are not connected, I would suggest you completely write out each plot line in scene treatments, then figure out where are the best places to switch back and forth.

If we're talking about plot lines that intersect, I would suggest working out from the point where the stories do intersect, but again, you'll need as complete a picture as possible in order to decide where the storytelling needs to shift back and forth.

In either case, having as much of the story worked out so you can see the best places to jump from one story to the other... that's what I would suggest.


on 08/12/2012

It depends on what kind of script you're writing. If it's a shooting script, you would write in CUT TO: EXT. HOUSE 4 YEARS EARLIER

Then again, if it's a reading script...it's more like a story with a lot of "Meanwhile"s and such worked in there for transition.

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