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on 07/02/2012

Plotbot is insufficient for simultaneous editing

I am a new user and I am testing how it works with simultaneous editing with other contributors.

I did this by opening a laptop and have it join a project created from my desktop pc.

I noticed that:

1.) The versions at the right doesn't work. It lists how many versions a line has but after I click my mouse pointer on it, the versions don't load.

2.) I think I heard from a youtube tutorial about something like voting but I couldn't find it anywhere.

3.) I created a new line with the account I am using at my desktop and at the same time, created a line on the same spot with the other account in my laptop. After saving and refreshing it, the other got deleted and the line was replaced perhaps by the last one who saved the line.

If Plotbot can show real time editing just like how etherpad does in the past, this will be an awesome product for me.

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