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on 07/05/2012

Any Writers In England Wanting To Do Some Collaborating

Are there any English writers out there wanting to do some Collaborating with me on a Sci Fi and Fantasy Story.


on 07/07/2012

My collaborator is Mr James Hammer, we are collaborating on a Sci-Fi / Fantasy idea of mine, although my collorating partner is in the US of A he timezones havea substantion difference leaving each of us to stay up late to communicate with one another whereas if i had a English collaborator or someomore close to my timezone we could get double the work done to then present to my Tutor and Expert Mr J. Hammer.
Is there anyone out there willing to become a part of this project?


on 07/29/2012

Portugal. That's the same time zone, right? I love reviewing scripts, shaping up ideas, correcting errors, etc.


on 08/03/2012

hello jorge i am writing a sci fi / fantasy sory if you are interested in a browse


on 09/22/2012

Hy, I'm an new writter and my english language is a little rusty, and I want to ask you : What do you think about my first script who is still in progress " The united force of superheroes ".

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