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on 07/29/2012

Need reviewers, critics, bashers, and alike.

I've been writing (and rewriting, and rewriting) this script about a period of European History that sparked the modern world. I am talking about the Interregnum, the two-year civil war in Portugal that changed Portuguese - and the world's History - forever. It centers on the life of Nun'Alvares, the leader of the Portuguese rebels, and follows the demise of the Portuguese First Dinasty and the Castilian invasion, to end on the famous battle of Aljubarrota (accounts for 15 minutes of the 160 page script). Problem is: in Portugal, cinema and TV shows are bullocks, and noone cares about scriptwriting; none of my friends wants to read the script and think I'm nuts for wasting my time on scriptwriting; my girlfriend doesn't read "scriptish"; none of the professional American script reviewers I pitched my script to have ever considered reading it.
I am looking for people to read my PDF. Anyone interested?

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