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on 08/05/2012

Looking for a creative writer to work with.

I am good at writing and most people that knows me calls me Mr No film school.Y? Because of the fact that i have written and directed three films(Shorts) and two documentaries. I have this article i want to bring to life but first have to write the screen play but it pose a hell of challenge. I love challenges but this one is somehow bigger than my imagination so i want to see if i can hook up with someone with a kinky mind and explosive heart to create heart aching dialogues. Let me give you an example, the story is about a white guy who met a black girl (In Europe) and they fell in love, he has to visit the girl's family in Africa to pay her dowry and that visit to Africa changed his life. The girl is his half sister. Their father now a priest once lived in Europe where he met and intended to marry the boy's mother but had to flee for his life when the girl's family threatened to kill him. I have the story already set out and will give it to whoever that wants to work with me in this project so to get a comprehensive idea of what i intend to create.

You can find me here or here www.mobisfilms.getafricaonline.com

Looking forward to making a good friend.



on 08/11/2012

Wow. You do write well. I wasn't sure what you wanted to write about...actually, I'm still not sure. You can check out some of my writing here http://www.eltonsaysthings.com

Maybe we can get something going? It might be fun. Let me know.


on 09/08/2012

Well I have no degree in writing and haven't written anything that is published, but i can say i am creative
I would like to join this project and see how it goes?

Let me know


on 09/22/2012

Hy, I'm an new writter and my english language is a little rusty, and I want to ask you : What do you think about my first script who is still in progress " The united force of superheroes ".


on 09/23/2012

Hi, your story sounds similair to someting I have heard before. I'm only 15 years old and on my own time i can write scripts. I am also really creative and fun loving and I just love to write about things that don't make sense that make sense in the end. I'd love to help you. I've pitched so many of my stories to my friends and they love it they ask if i didn't take the idea from someone else heehee. I write petry too and already have been published 4 times. You can send me a reply on this site.


on 09/24/2012

Thank you for your honestI'm looking for a collaboration partner on my new script. I want to make a real movie script based on animation called Naruto, and I was wondering: Do you want to be my partner on this project ?

If not, can you give me some advices when I will need it ?

I've already strated the script - http://www.plotbot.com/screenplays/naruto_the_movie/screenplay?_s=all



on 10/10/2012

Sure I'd like to assist you. I'll always help. I mainly write on paper and then transfer to the computer. But i will use my iPod to help you :)


a year ago

Could you take a look at my script and tell me what you think. It is the first script i have ever written and some feedback would help me out alot. Also if any of you have any sugestions for the part two and three of this story please can you let me know.


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