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on 09/10/2012

Some workflow requests


I have started working on a project with a friend, so was looking for a way for us to collaborate, as well as an efficient way for me to write from multiple devices. I think plotbot is great, and I'm really enjoying using it. Being able to see and edit scenes is great. I have some suggestions and questions that would really help my own workflow.

I often use an iPad to write which suffers from a lack of a tab key, which makes it clumsy to add dialogue. Since dialogue is what I need most of the time, it would be much faster
for me if "dialogue" was the default mode when the enter key is pressed. Could that be an option, to choose what the enter and tab keys do by default?

I love that we can add notes, but I find them too difficult to see. I would prefer it if notes defaulted to open so they're more obvious (I currently tend to write notes in the body of the script), and added as an overlay so they don't interrupt the flow of the script. Kind of like sticky notes?

There may be a way to do this, that I've missed, but a way to edit the auto-complete options for character names would be awesome. Currently have 3 entries for one character:
Prince (cont'd)
Prince (cont'd
That I'd love to condense to just the one "Prince".


on 09/10/2012

hey man,
here's a contact link so that you can suggest this to brad and star directly instead of making a thread.
happy writing,

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