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on 10/18/2012

Script/screenplay needed!!!

(Please read the entire post before leaving! Thank you very much.)

Hi I'm looking for a horror screenplay/script for a university assignment. My (group's) assignment is to create a short radio drama play. (3-5 minutes)

If you are interested please contact me and/or submit your script to me. (you can give me a link or your script title and we will look at it)

The final radio play have a chance to be played on the UK BBC radio channel, with your name(s) credited. (That depends on how good the radio play is. Fortunately we have a talented guy who used to work in BBC so we have great confidence to achieve that prize!)

If your script is too long/too short/not finished/doesn't quite fit horror or any other reason, but still interested then do also submit your script! We are still in the early stages and may change to do something other than horror :) We are happy to consider any script, so long you think yours is good enough!!

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