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Edited on 06/15/2013. Posted on 10/21/2012.

rebel woods

in rebel woods theres a dark secret. 3 friends decide to go camping their and get caught in a storm that blocks all the roads out of rebel woods. a friendly ranger helps them out by letting them stay in his cabin till the storm passes over. he leaves the friends at the cabin and is gone hours after he said he would be home. they decide to go search for him and find his corpse.

join if you want i cant offer anymore then credit.


on 11/30/2012

So what is the dark secret? Do you know yet or is that what you are hoping to develop?


on 01/03/2013

This could be good.


on 03/21/2013

There instead their. I'm not trying to be a dick i just thought you should know. This idea sounds good


Edited on 06/15/2013. Posted on 06/15/2013.

the dark secret is the legend of he woods witch Im still coming up with, sorry its been a long time from when i last posted but this idea slipped to the back of my mind during school.


on 12/14/2013

Sounds interesting!

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