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on 11/29/2012

Looking for a basic conspiracy-type plot? Co-Writer Welcome!

I'm looking to write a screenplay, and want to do something so simple and so real but nobody could think that would ever happen...


on 12/01/2012

JustinS, Normally a plot is something that tends to come from one's own imagination. I do have a rough idea that could include all of your key descriptions (above), but it is generalized, and you would need to build your own story. In my younger years I had been an attractive woman, with my legs having been one of my better physical attributes, or so I was often enough complimented. In my early thirties I developed a suspicious spot on one of my legs, where I sustained a bruise from a fall. That bruise should have healed, every bruise I'd ever had before it did, but this one didn't. It turned a concerning reddish-brown color, became itchy and painfull, and simply didn't heal. So I made an appointment with my doctor, who referred me to a specialist for a biopsy. Results showed that I had "developed" (and that is the important word here) a rare and, supposedly, incurable autoimmune disease. I was told that I could expect to see more of the spots, or "lesions", and that they could even ulcerate and be difficult to heal, and at risk for infection. And in fact, those things did occur, and to a severe extent that nearly cost my life several years past diagnosis. All sort of "treatements" (again, an important word) had been tried, but to no avail. Instead, those treatments, which included long term steroids meant to weaken my over-reactive immune system, only left me feeling more sickly.

But I am a person who has a will of iron, and I was determined to find something that would help me. I couldn't shake the obvious, that I had hardly been born with that condition and that, it had somehow, for some reason, DEVELOPED. More, I was convinced that it likely resulted from something I had been, and still was, constantly exposed to. Long story made shorter, I wasn't mistaken, though it took too long for me to discover what that something was - a great deal of the damage was done, leaving my lower legs looking as if I'd been trapped in a raging fire.

The solution was, at least in the largest part, my diet, or so I would learn after becoming an experimental patient at an out of state clinic. What I discovered, and what most people still don't seem to be aware of even today, is that the typical American diet is far from healthy. Even without sugary drinks and sweet or greasy snacks, the typical American diet contains foods that are not best suited to human health, and that can even cause serious harm much quicker to some people, like me. What I discovered, was that for me to see my legs ulcer free for the first time in years, for me to stay alive, I had to drastically change the way I ate. That is, I had to limit myself to fresh fruits and vegetables, (mostly uncooked), raw nuts and beans (to replace meat proteins), and not eat red meats, processed meats (like lunch meat, sausage, ect.), bleached flour products, refined sugar products, milk, eggs, or products containing margarines, cooking oils or shortenings. More, I learned that I needed far more vitamin C per day than I was getting in a single daily tablet, that I needed to gradually increase the amount to more like 2,500 mg per day, to help clean my body from the inside out.

What I just wrote about is real. It happened. And, apparently I'm not alone in finding healing of "developed", or chronic disease, such as even cancer, through healthier diet changes. Not too long ago I watched a documentary called 'The Gerson Miracle', on an internet site called Hulu. I found it interesting that a man had actually lost his job after publicly promoting what a doctor had discovered about the healing powers of proper diet, as far back as the days of Hitler.

My own experience leads me to wonder, what if there was a story about a conspiracy to cover up a harmful substance in a food or drinking supply - a substance that was deliberately added to cause premature deaths so that, perhaps, some agency wouldn't have to pay out major amounts of money owed to certain clients? And what if the surviving clients somehow discovered the truth, and revolted and rioted, and stood up for their rights? I don't know what substance you might invent, nor how you would contaminate (just) those clients with it, nor what invented agency might go that far. But you could get pretty inventive with the imagined side effects, or symptoms of the substance. Hope this fuels your imagination with some ideas. Best wishes, in any case.


on 12/04/2012

Another idea that might be more 'guy' oriented. Have you been keeping up with the news? There is an 8 mile sinkhole opened up in Louisianna, where a company is drilling for oil, and had stored a vast amount of high-pressured gas that is now at risk of becoming a catastrophic explosion. More recently, this month, another sinkhole, the size of four football fields, has opened in northern Ohio, collapsing part of highway 516, running through Dover. Again, it is believed by some, that this was caused by man digging too deeply in the earth. There is a sinkhole in New Mexico, and another in Texas, and probably others. Some believe there is an intentional effort to set of the Madrid Fault Line, and other explosive things, such as nuclear power plants, in order to split the United States. Some believe that some in power are planning it, at the loss of millions of American lives. There are a number of videos about this on the internet, ranging from news reports to homemade. The conspiracy fears behind it could make for a hellofa good movie! Of course, there has been one earthquake movie made already, but there are always different angles to stories.

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