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on 03/18/2013

i need help read post plz

ok so first im writing, a short film about a young boy, that likes a cheer leader and he day dreams about, her and him at the moves how would I put that in script


on 05/19/2013

What is the age of the young boy? How about the age of the cheerleader? Does your story open with his day dream(ing)? Where do YOU picture him in your mind's eye? Example: seated at the dinner table with his family, or in the school cafeteria? Maybe in a classroom with her? Maybe at a game, watching her move as she cheers on the team?

What brings on his day dream? What ends it? Does he miss his mouth and spill food? Does he not hear the teacher asking him a question (well used scene, however)? Does he get slammed in the face with a ball, or thrown bat?

I don't believe the writing of the scene should be so difficult, once you decide what the scene is going to be. Especially for a short film, a bit of humor - basic human emotion on display - could work well.

What does he do to gain the cheerleader's attention, and move to friendship and beyond? Try asking a few couples how they met, and what led them to grow closer. Stories are little more than mocking life, but often exaggerated in drama.

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