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on 03/24/2013

Need A Completed script for SHORT FILM ready for Production

I am an argentinean director looking for a writer who can prepare a script for a short film which is set in a small town and has to be reality based. No special effects or things out of the ordinary. I will also collaborate on writing the script if needed as log as the idea is good. Anybody interested please contact me by email at [email protected]


on 03/29/2013

After a man discovers that his wife has cheated on him. He goes visting all of his neighbors to discover that he was the only one who didn't know. He then goes back home and finally confronts his wife, kicking her out.


on 04/01/2013

Ryan and Davey, ex-gay lovers, meet in the bleachers of their old high school football field to have the one conversation they never had. 5 pages, 1 scene.


on 04/03/2013

PandoraIsALady please contact me by email so we can talk. Thank you!

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