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on 04/30/2013

Why you should not use plotbot.

For any who are considering using this site, look elsewhere. It's a great idea with missing features, fatally inconsistent saves and autosaves, as well as non-existent customer service.

If you miraculously finish a script using this site and turn it into any serious writer, they will tell you the formatting is incredibly juvenile. I proofread for an NBC staff writer. He would never use plotbot and I'm sorry I did.

When I lost after clicking save several times throughout my hours of writing, I tried to contact customer service to no avail. This site could be an amazing resource for collaborative writers, but in its current form you cannot trust it to save your work or format it properly.


on 05/19/2013

ericokeefe, I'm sorry to read that you've had so many problems with this site. But I do agree with you, that it is a nice way to meet and work with other writers. For me, feedback can be a huge help, and I try to offer it, honestly, in return.


on 06/15/2013

did you not see the slogan write better together the entire site is to help you find and work together on screen plays stop complaining you didn't spend money on this site its a public service. i guess your mother never said this to you when you were young you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.


on 04/07/2014

Im new to this site and I like it so far. Sure it has a few bugs but Im going forward with it. The first guy has a point though. It looks like it took a month for a response to his post. It wasn't a question or request for help, but any organization ought to reply to anyone who initiates contact with it within reason. otherwise its accepting the criticism as truth.


on 02/11/2015

I'm new, and the biggest issue that I currently have had, is the lack of activity, or collaboration actually on this site. Most authors write alone, and only a sparse few pages. The number of projects on a site mean nothing if no one is actually working on them. As far as I've seen, no one's been active longer than a few days before they leave forever. It's not much, but I want to see this site grow. It's supposedly only in beta mode. Maybe we could push it to completion?


two years ago

IMO this site is good for developing your ideas, to expect it to be more than that right now in a beta form is well simply foolish especially for free. There are a number of other web related products where you can go for full featured writing experiences but you have to pay for them.

Writing is difficult for most people I would say because life gets in the way and many people do not know how to get back onto the horse sometimes. Well to help push this product into completion, PB really needs to get it's navigation under control as it is confusing, where they say one thing and you circle back to the definition. I will use the character link as an example.

There also need to be more specific tutorials on how to use this platform to get the most out of it. it's still kind of hodge podge in a way which is frustrating when you are trying to be organized. Not trying to sound negative, just trying to state an observation. I will continue to use it as long as it is supported. As well one should always have multiple copies of their projects backed up.

Keep writing, slow and steady wins the race, if you write 5 minutes today you may write 15 minutes tomorrow. It's a process, embrace it :)

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