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on 05/20/2013

Dark comedy!

So first off i am physically challenged and i also have a cousin who is physically challenged and i would like to write comedy based the things we go through the jokes would be done tastefully and from expierence so if you arent offended by crippled jokes i could use your hel[


on 05/22/2013

I have an autoimmune disease that makes it appear as if I walked through a raging fire - constant ulcerating. There have been times when I could not walk at all. I still cannot stand or walk for very long periods of time. At my worst I was placed in nursing homes - once with the belief I would not pull through. I'm somewhat tough-skinned now, yet have compassion for the young ones especially, who happen to develop this same disease. It is a constant battle for pain-free days / nights, quality of living, and survival itself. What sort of help are you seeking? New joke material? Scenes set up as jokes?

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