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on 06/11/2013

Lets be friends

I have, like, a billion and half story ideas. Just not good at putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys these days). I think it'd be cool to meetup some homies and write some [email protected]* out ya know?

Best stories in the world: Adventure stories

you have a dramatic focus with comedic relief, sometimes more or less depending on the story. Mix in some sci-fi/fantasy elements, whether it be a hint or a handful.

When it comes to inducing fear sometimes less is more.

Create characters the readers/viewers will actually like and have them drive the story.

and f*#(ing get famous

Now, who wants to write a screenplay?


on 06/14/2013

I have a billion stories too and I am writing them on paper. Starting with Waiting for justice. Go under project name and you will find it. It looks pretty interesting. then I have seduction. I haven't start that yet, but will be soon. tell me what you think and then I will help you. Advice for advice.
Thanks kimberly


on 08/12/2013

Let's do this!

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