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on 08/08/2013

Looking for collaborators.

Alright so I have a pretty basic Idea at the moment for a movie. I want to write a comedy about Valets. I don't want it to just encompass the Valets however, I want it to incorporate all aspects of hotel life. I was hoping to find one or two more writers that may like to write this type of story. The basics are gonna be pretty much three or four friends, home from different universities for summer vacation, all decide to get a job at the same hotel, as valets. If interested write me on here, or you can email me at [email protected] This will be my first time actually writing a full length screenplay. I'm trying to get into writing more seriously though.


on 08/11/2013

I'm also trying to get in screen writing more seriously. I recently started writing about 2 college friends sharing details of their lives. But anyway, tell me more about yours. I'd love to collaborate if you don't mind.

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