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on 10/06/2008


It takes a long time for pages to load... I have a fairly new and fast computer, and an excellent internet connection. Other webpages load quickly, but Plotbot takes a really long time to load, as many as 5 minutes in some cases. Is there anything that can be done about this?



on 10/07/2008

The site shouldn't run that slowly. Please send us a contact message and tell us which pages are slow and we'll look into it.


on 11/24/2008

Is the site running faster for you now?


on 03/01/2015

Yea, same for me. I have a new computer with a good internet connection. But whenever I use PlotBot it's like watching paint dry and it takes FOREVER to build scenes.


on 03/17/2015

The site is just plain dead ..... maybe the reason?

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