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Looking for someone to help me write mental illness faith-based movie

IN SEARCH OF A MIRACLE is a life story of a man (Joe) struggling to rise above overwhelming life challenges, including manic depression, OCD, rejection, and childhood trauma from abuse. A man who daily dreams of feeling safe, acceptance, love, and competent , in opposition to his nightmares of being perceived “no good” and “unworthy of love”. A man tyrannized by fear, personal doubts, and past failures daily but in spite of all, often believes God created him with a purpose to change the world.

The story begins when Butch, a 17-year old cocaine addict, is found homeless by a couple with a 16-year old daughter, Samantha.Unaware of his vices, the family lets Butch stay with them until he gets Samantha pregnant. Married and unemployed with a boy named Joe, Samantha and Butch rely upon Butch’s drug money for income. After violent Butch sticks a gun to her head, Joe and Samantha flee south to escape Butch.

As a toddler, Joe would panic when seeing a man in church. His physically abusive stepfather would belittle Joe, conditioning Joe to heavily focus upon and try to be perfect in his behaviors, praying it would eliminate the abuse. When around people, Joe’s mind would first imagine him doing despicable things which would easily incite others to hate and reject Joe, and then fear and believe that Joe will commit the act, even if the belief and fear is irrational. Joe’s illness tricks Joe to think that everyone – including those who love him the most – will treat Joe like his stepfather if Joe did something wrong.
Joe’s “Gomer Pyle-like actions” often makes him the butt of many jokes. While marching in the Navy with shipmates, Joe, in the middle of the group, falls down to the ground after his foot stumbles into a hole, causing a chain-reaction of walking soldiers to trip over the fallen person in front of them. . .

One thing about Joe: he never gives up. He keeps on trying. He does his best to keep on believing. However, two more trauma experiences, in addition to everything else, almost destroys Joe.

In tenth grade, after Joe impulsively makes a sexual comment to a female teacher, the instructor heads Joe to the principal’s office. Knowing the principal will notify Joe’s stepfather of the crime, Joe fears getting abused at home. Desperately hoping the teacher won’t tell, Joe’s manic mind if full of panic, confusion, and racing thoughts. Meaning no harm, Joe puts his hands on her shoulders to turn her around so he can beg for help. The next thing you know, the principal walks by, and Joe spends a month in a psychiatric hospital for “trying to choke a teacher”, something Joe didn’t try to do. . .

In the military, after getting chewed out by a company commander, Joe’s memories of getting belittled and abused by his stepfather leads Joe to have an emotional breakdown alone in the bathroom. Manic, Joe cries out: “I’m going to kill him.” Unluckily, a senior chief witnesses the event and Joe, who doesn’t want to hurt anyone, is discharged for “threatening to kill an officer”.


a year ago

I love your story and I will be willing to help if you want


a year ago

Okay! What do we do to get started? I am unfamiliar with the plotbot site.

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