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Edited on 12/08/2008. Posted on 11/13/2008.

Unseen Enemy

Oh the creative benefit of 5 pints of English beer, with friends, in a English pub garden one summer lunch time...

JJ-J, our stammering hero (Captain Nemo meets Sherlock Holmes meets League of gentlemen). A brilliant though misguided inventor races to save the world from a tea shortage, engineered by a Chinese tea cartel - chasing a supposed criminal who remains in the shadows.

His House keeper Mrs Nellies can hardly find Darjeeling these days.

His fiancée Ms Lola Bingo, has something of a facial hair problem, and is making JJJ wait for his worldly pleasures ( he is in fact a tranny).

Otto is actually 2 people, Siamese twins joined at the hip. JJJ rescued them from the circus where they were paraded for Carney boxing ( undefeated in 5 years)

And then there is his idiotic, hopeless junior tea-boy - one Master Albert Einstein....can there be any hope for this moron?

Help us bring this to life...


on 08/30/2009

Hey cool idea, what's the latest on this??


on 10/17/2009

This sounds like a fun b-movie idea!

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