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on 11/22/2008


Looking for anyone to help out with this sci-fi screenplay. Seems like it might be a bit like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind if you're a fan of the movie. Anyway, I'll copy the quick pitch:

"When Sid Nasser is prescribed a sleep medication to cope with his insomnia, his dreams begin to imitate the monotonous world around him. But when Sid learns to influence his dreams' outcomes, the town goes haywire, and Sid discovers that the world in his dreams, may not be imitation after all."

I'm looking for any help at all.


on 12/04/2008

I dig Charlie Kaufman's stuff, this is a great idea! So wot u need?


on 12/04/2008

I need scenes, comments, characters, a plot, thematic help, etc.

I haven't even laid down an outline. Anything you contribute will be appreciated. I'm not sure how the story ends...


on 01/02/2009

Is this an open collab?

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