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on 01/05/2009

UK project Collab: Trouble of all Kinds

Working title: Trouble of all Kinds


a soulwax lyrical on the troubled (or not so) times of a young teen, facing the monotony and irony of teenage angst in the comfort of middle-class suburbia.
the point of the film is to follow the thoughts, trials and tribulations of a typical English (under 18) teen facing the challenges of being said typical teen which are both mountains and molehills, depending on your viewpoint.

allowing for commentary on the irony of struggle and strife faced by the bog-standard middle-class youth.


Edited on 01/08/2009. Posted on 01/08/2009.

Trying to keep up with the Jones Family Kids (Upper Class). Not being satisfied with what you got. The lower-class kids target you about being rich, spoiled. It is a constant struggle (be friends with the rich preps and gain popularity, or hang with the lower class and do drugs, pranks, vandelism, etc. etc. The other middle class kids are too boring, they are like you in many aspects, and it is a bore much of the time. However, the fights among your middle class friends stem from one trying to make the leap to the upper class, while the other friend may seem to be slipping to the lower class side. I grew up in a farm community, and our school was big into Agriculture. The upper class all seemed to have parents who were farmers. They didn't care about school and goofed off because they inherit the farm when mom and dad pass on. Their future is already written. Lower Class did not have much to live up to. They were not moving on to college or university, they didn't care about school, goofed off , and knew the job of being clerk at the local gas station was awaiting them regardless. The middle class kids have a hard working parent going to the factory 9-5, killing their body to make a buck. The middle class kids are constantly struggling to either go to college after school, or go to work at the same factory as dad. Most middle class kids want to set their own course, however when they fail, the factory is always waiting to capture these lost souls. (HOPE THIS HELPS)

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