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on 01/12/2009

So, I'm looking for a collaborator on my current project....

I'm in the process of writing a Private eye/Crime drama feature film and I'm looking for people who would like to do anything from give me their ideas all the way to editing. Right now I'm in the outlining stages. My Project is called Card Shark look it up or contact me if you're interested.


on 01/21/2009

Hi Brad,

My name is Otto. I've collaborated before, but only with friends. I'm new to this plotbot site, I was actually researching for a friend of mine who wants to write but can't afford a screenwriting program. Then I started to get sucked in to this site. I think the site is a great idea and hope it flourishes.

I've written a few scripts in my day. I'm ready to start again. I like working several projects at a time (I don't know if that's good or bad, but it's what I do)

So.....whatta you got? What do we do from here?



on 01/27/2009

Hey, the name's Bryan, but its cool. I'm still writing the outline, but I can invite you to read it and then where we go from there is I would like to hear thoughts suggestions and then continue writing. If you would like to do any extensive writing let me know after that.

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