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on 01/15/2009

Anybody want to work on a ww3 idea?

Its in the showdown section. It's called Bullet, and is about 3 men and a 1 female going through a battle during ww3. My prompt isnt much to go on but thats kind of the point. Its kind of an open ended idea, Anyway hope you check it out.


on 01/16/2009

I'd be quite interested in helping out, I've been fleshing out my own futuristic war idea. It's close to a world war 3 concept, the main idea is after a disaster happens America ends up dissolving into sovereign nations and a war ensuing between them. Not too much has been thought out, if you have any interest, or just want help with your own PM me


on 02/16/2009

um, i'll help you if you still need help dude.


on 02/19/2009

Id love to get on board and help (y)


on 03/12/2009

i love war movies so count me in


on 07/30/2009

I had a ww3 idea too lol


on 08/01/2009

How bout a ww3 with penguins? Like the ones on Penguins of Madagascar?

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