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on 01/27/2009

Im a teenager and i want to know what are your hopes and dreams for the future with sceenwriting or just anything in general??

this is mostly toward teenagers but everyone can answer!!!
thnx :D


on 06/17/2009

You are lucky because you find screenwriting at your early age. About me? I was looking for a lot resources where I could possibly start writing screenwriting. I do have written a lot of short stories and haven't had the chance to write in screen.

The future of screen writing? Well, lots and lots of hopes. It is never too late to get started doing a lot things that you like to do well though. I still hope that someday some of my writing will be seen on screen. With Plotbot, it has opened a new avenue of hopes and dreams that may never fade away unwanting.

Just get on with it and you will find rewarding someday.

Just write.


on 06/17/2009

well i love to write and create stories for the characters i draw.. so i guess i would to be able to create my own anime series or something like that.. i dream of having one of the stories i've written published along with my co-writers work


on 06/18/2009

My friend and I love writing plays for our church and school. We want to make movies for the church, too.
I am a good writer in my opinion, and pretty good at marketing tactics, I think. If I weren't going into the ministry I would have made big bucks in movies.
Basically, I want to write for inspirational christian movies and plays for churches. It's fun and pretty lucrative if you get into it.


on 06/19/2009

I love writing period and I had always wanted to take an interest in screen writing. Finding Plotbot was probably the most amazing them I stumbled upon. I am actually loving what I am doing with my story right now, and its making me take more thought into screenwriting.


on 06/29/2009

Teenagers here, too.

Hello. well, I do have a dream for screenplay, and also, I think it is one of my ways to express myself in words. I am just trying to write what I think, although everything is still in progress.


on 06/29/2009

I'm the same. I'm working to get recognized as a screenwriter. I suggest reading "Screenwriting for Dummies." I know it sounds like a dumb idea, but I'm halfway through it and it has a lot of things that help you: 1. Write your screenplay 2. Avoid Writer's Block 3. Market you and your screenplay 4. Keep your work safe from evil movie companies who want to steal your work and call it their own 5. Schedule time to write. 6. LOADS of other stuff.


on 07/01/2009

I'd love to write screen plays professionally, so I can see the kind of movies I wanna see. I would like to see more realsitic stories play out on the big screen...I really want people to see the REAL pain that goes in in REAL people's lives. I've seen so many bad things happen to my best friend (abuse, neglect, rape, depression...) and sometimes I feel like people don't really care about those things cause it never hit them directly in smoe sort. I would like people to see the real horrors that happen, so people will be more movitated to stop these things from happening.


on 09/12/2009

I'm not a teenager (I'm a legal-drinking-age adult) but I have always been a storyteller of some sort (whether lying to my mom or BSing the doctors [which got me into deep trouble as now they think I'm schizo when I'm just ADHD so I don't do that anymore] or writing hilariously embarrassing zines and penning them under the names of my frienemies [e.g. How To Be Gay by Jack Mei or Don't Screw The Squirrel by Luiz Pax or God Is Poo by Alex Kim etc etc - the last one got a frienemy into hot water at Church, but now I am atheist so I don't feel remorse anymore]).

Thus I have taken to film as a means of expression.

Not to be great or anything. I'm trying to do that with my newspaper.

Did I mention I run a newspaper?

I'm also a novelist, and have written four novellas. err, maybe five. one was a rewrite.

Film for me is a medium of expression, not a path to greatness.

The only award I've entertained megalomaniac grandeurs of attaining is the Nobel or Pulitzer Lit Prizes, not the Academy Award. In my view, getting the latter is like getting a poo bucket upturned over my head. I'd rather be indie, art house, and avant garde.

Sorry if any of the above was confusing or somewhat offensive.

It was not meant to be that way. Sincere non offensiveness.



on 10/04/2009

I'm 15. I've been writing screenplays on my own for about two years but ive never shown anyone else, so they're probably not that good :L I kinda think of ideas but im not as good at writing them down. I seriously couldn't think of a better job, but I think it would be better working with big a team of writers you know. =O)


on 12/02/2009

I failed twice to commit suicide. But I failed more times than I can count in writing. I gave up about suicide...
That's pretty much my idea about writing...


on 03/02/2010

wow teens!!!!!!!
well can i still join


Edited on 03/02/2010. Posted on 03/02/2010.

also my future ideas are never gonna be involved with fighting mostly friendship


on 07/07/2012

I am 19, but am not necessarily a screenwriter. However, I have always been a storyteller and a writer of sorts. I like to create stories, come up with ideas for novels and the like, but Ihave no idea exactly what they call this as an actual profession in the real world.


on 07/07/2012

Moondove are you looking to join a project then

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