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Edited on 02/18/2009. Posted on 02/18/2009.

Hi, I'm new and just started project

I've started a project called "Exodus Earth", which has been a series of ideas bouncing around my head for some time. I stumbled upon this website and decided this would be a good place to write the story for Exodus Earth. This project contains elements from various sci-fi franchises that have influenced me. As such you may recognize a bit of Star Trek, Star Wars and even some Battlestar Galatica in the story. I believe my project is original enough that it isn't ripping any particular source off. And Exodus Earth is only temporary title, I'll probably choose a different one as the story is about humanity on a final journey to find earth, not to leave it LOL.

The idea behind Exodus Earth is that humanity has left earth and settled itself out in the universe beyond the Milky Way galaxy. Humanity has thrived for 500,000 years, encountered an innumerable amount of alien species, and built its own civilizations. However the golden age of Humanity has started to decline, a genetic plague unique to humans has risen up. The greatest medical minds in the universe, both alien and human can't find an origin or cure for the disease.

The universe is large and wide, and information about the plague doesn't reach all areas that humans inhabit. As a result, some alien races become quite hostile to humans and are quarantined and hunted down. In other areas humans live just as they have, but humanity is slowly dying. A few more millenia pass and with no cure, humanity has been reduced to a shadow of what it once was; now on the verge of extinction.

Most of the remaining humans believe they originated on the planets they live on or migrated from nearby galaxies. One young man discovers some information that seems to show humanity actually from one specific location. As nobody has any answers or cure for the plague, this young man decides to try and find one himself. He decides finding the forgotten home of humanity may hold the answer.

This young man encounters an alien crew on a courier ship and they decide he can join. The young man sees this as a way to travel the universe and to follow up any information he comes across in searching for a cure to the human plague. They also pick up a couple of human crew members and they all take part in an incredible journey.

Thats the basis for it. It'll be interesting to see what people have to say about it.


on 02/20/2009

I am interested in the genetic plauge idea you had. The quarintine and hunting down of humans who can't be cured also caught my eye.

I wouldn't worry about ripping anyone off as long as you 'flip it' on 'em. If you think you might be boarderline hitting a cliche, flip it on its ass and it is new. Tarantino is very good at taking a convention and making it his.


on 03/17/2009

hi need some help


on 03/20/2009

this idea totally hits the old sci fi geek in me! i really like it! roll with this! if you get a script up and running i would love to help with it.


on 03/28/2009

why would the aliens quarantine and hunt down the humans if the disease is unique to the humans??

other than that, this is a really good idea


on 03/30/2009

Good Luck =)


on 09/08/2010

Paranoia could cause the aliens to hunt humans, they would be worried the disease might mutate and cross the species barrier, interested to see i f this project was ever written?

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