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on 03/03/2009

iPhone/iPod Touch App/Web App request!!

Dear plotbot developers.... haha no but seriously, I do have a request. Someone should make a full function app so that when people are on the go then they can jot the idea right then and there on the app. Have it be downloaded from the app store and please, MAKE IT FREE! or at least a lite and pro version..... If you can't make an app then make a full function site extention like www.iPhone.plotbot.com or www.m.plotbotbot.com so people can use it on their cellphones. THISIS A HUHE IDEA but please consider.


Edited on 03/03/2009. Posted on 03/03/2009.

You can do a lot with Plotbot just using Safari on the iPhone, but we could make an iphone-specific page for easy note-taking.

A lot of people use the Evernote app to take notes on the go. You could do that, then paste them into Plotbot when you're back at your computer!


on 03/04/2009

You do have a point there, I usually use the notes app to quick jot and brainstorm but It would be KILLER if there was a native app. Facebook is "partnered" with plotbot so it shouldn't be to hard to make an app I guess......(this is, formerly thecrypticfilmcrew)


on 04/14/2009



on 06/04/2009

yes please an iphone app


on 05/17/2010

make a BlackBerry app too


on 12/11/2010

Writing in the script is impossible for me on my phone but I can easily update the Outline and Scenes portion of my project on my phone, which I find much more helpful than writing in another application and then having to remember to port it over


on 02/03/2011

this would be nice ... something on the iphone which allows me to upload notes that have been converted from voice to text. I probably won't type too much but I do have ideas spring up now and then and I can record it.


Edited on 02/07/2011. Posted on 02/07/2011.

Ipad pleeeese!


on 05/19/2013



on 01/14/2014

agreed, an app would just easier if i ever get bored and dont have my computer


on 02/11/2015

So, how does one go about making a Plotbot app?

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