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on 03/15/2009

Would like to see a copy/paste function, and in general, the ability to select and move more than one element at a time.

Because of a bug, I'm pretty sure, while I was working on a screenplay I suddenly found that the dialogue I had written was at the bottom of the scene instead of in the middle where I had been intending to add it. I had to slowly copy the text one element at a time and go up and add the dialogue in again, then go down and delete all the remaining character names in the dialogue elements I didn't need.

I think a function to select and manipulate and copy/paste a single element or multiple elements would be very useful.


on 03/16/2009

Hi Tom-- I agree that we need to make it easier for writers to move elements around. In the near future, we'll add drag-and-drop to elements. It will work just like reordering the scenes do now. Hopefully we can work out some sort of a shift-click mechanism for dragging many elements around.

We'll also let break up scenes into smaller pieces and drag those around, which should make it much easy to rearrange your screenplay.

I'm sorry that you had a bug that misplaced an element--if you can tell us how to reproduce it we'll look into fixing it!


on 03/16/2009

It's happened twice to me now, and what I believe is happening is I'll start adding new elements in the middle of a scene, between two sets of elements at the beginning and the end. After I leave the site and come back the next day or something, Some or all of the inserted elements appear at the end of the scene instead of in the middle where I typed them.

This could be user error, but I'm pretty sure it's a bug.

And the drag and drop function for elements sounds perfect. The sooner you can get that up and running, the better.

Thank you!


on 03/18/2009

I'm sorry you encounted a bug that misplaced elements, and will work on making sure that doesn't happen. Hopefully drag-and-drop elements won't be too hard to implement.


on 04/17/2009

I can't wait to see the ability to move elements around either. Sounds exciting. It will make things much friendlier. Hope it comes soon! This site is awesome btw!!


on 03/15/2013

I guess this was never developed. Is this software not being updated?


on 02/11/2015

I'm going to talk to someone about this.

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