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on 04/13/2009

Importing your screenplay

We now fully support importing your screenplay from wherever you've written it. If you're the owner of a project, you can import an entire screenplay (or just part) into an existing project.

To import a screenplay, click the "import" link in the right column of your project home page. You'll see a textbox where you can paste the text of your screenplay. If you have multiple scenes, you can choose which scene you want your import to start after.

When you paste the text into the field, it won't be formatted--but don't worry! We'll take care of that when you push "submit."

You can learn more about screenplay import on this help page


on 05/12/2009

We've fixed a few small bugs we've found with different types of screenplays--please let us know if you run into any problems!


on 12/19/2009

when uploading it as an rtf and printing it out, it doesn't fit into the traditional screenplay format. The font is off- it's much smaller. Is there a way to upload it into the traditional screenplay format?


Edited on 01/26/2010. Posted on 01/26/2010.

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on 08/27/2010

THIS IS WONDERFULL , I hope i will find some people to write with !

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