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on 04/16/2009

New Story Project

A Queen, who wishes to retire, must choose how to divide her kingdom between her 3 daughters. On her birthday she challenges them. Whoever gives her the best gift, and declares their love for her the most, shall inherit part of the kingdom.

The two eldest daughters give confess there love and gives her great gifts. The youngest has nothing to give but her love. She tells her mother that her oldest daughters have deceived her. Their gifts were not out of love but greed to gain power and part of her kingdom. The Queen, enraged at her youngest daughter, disinherits her and divides the kingdom between her sisters.

When the Queen is taken ill and is sent away. The Oldest daughter exiles her youngest sister.
The youngest sister goes on a joureny to the underworld (hell) To retireve a magical belt that gives her strength, protects her againist evil and heals anyone she touches.

What I need help on is an title. And anything else you can add.


on 08/10/2009

How about "king Lear but with a Queen instead"?


on 04/09/2010

Seriously, if you're redoing Shakespeare, be up front about it.


on 02/17/2011

Sounds Familiar...FYI: Just Saying.

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