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on 02/22/2008

how do I use the outline feature?

how do i use the outline feature and what should my outline look like?


on 02/22/2008

In general, the outline is open to however you'd like to use it. We've always envisioned it as a fleshed-out, though still brief, description of the screenplay, which is then further broken down into short scene summaries. In general, the idea for us was to provide a place to let potential collaborators read your overview of the project, or else to work with others to create that overview.


on 02/23/2008

Merci beaucoups!


on 02/24/2008

I typed a LOT into outline yesterday. Then today I get up and it's not there. Was I supposed to save it somehow?


on 04/03/2009



on 01/17/2012

I am trying to write a slugline followed by an action scene but why doesn;t the page just have it all in one page? why do I have to go to different screens to wrote a scenes? and why the the scenes all teh way on the left hand side, its kind of deifficult to just write a full screen paly when there is so much little pop ups


on 05/15/2012

It does have it all in one page... you have to tabs/select the type of line you want to enter. Sounds like a little more time exploring the sites options would be helpful.

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