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on 09/15/2009


Most recent reply from moniqueisamazing, on 10/10/2010.

To whom ever it may concern my name is Damian and i'm looking for a team of creative writer who wouldn't mind working on writing the next great movie. The writers must be creative and possess strong imaginary thoughts. We will be working on action, drama, and triller movies. We also will be working on a comedy movie to even a funny sitcom. There will be no money involve in these projects while we are working on them but once we get them finish the profit we make from selling them i we'll give each their fare share and since you all don't know me personally we can type up individual contracts. If we do a good job like i know we can and come together like a real writers team and work on each other ideal and thoughts and put them together to write something beautiful all life's little financial problems will disappear.


on 09/27/2009

I would love to join you group


on 10/03/2009

bet that sounds good what are you good at. far as your skill of writing.


on 10/06/2009

I would like to join the group


on 10/06/2009

good what type of writing you like to do comedy,drama,triller


on 10/11/2009

i'm interested. Tell me more.


on 11/01/2009

I'm interested tell me more too.


on 11/24/2009

well i would like to start on a comedy movie first a spoof. i also have a drama series i would love help on. i will go into more details when i have my crew together i need serious writers who are willing to put forth time and hard work.


on 11/30/2009

Right Mr.Damian. I am interested. What is the project plan? ... Short film or feature...?


on 12/01/2009

I'm interested too. But I'm from Brazil. I would like to watch how this thing work, more than participate. And comedy is not my area. I'm not a funny guy in toughts...


on 12/16/2009

Interested just need instruction. Who is spear heading this project?


on 02/14/2010

I'm interested! I would like to join the project... Do you have already started?


on 03/16/2010

Im interested, im currently writing a drama called "Taker" i would love for you to look at it and see my creative side. Im willing to help!


on 03/22/2010

Hey Im really interested in this when do we start


on 03/25/2010

count me in,want to be part of it.

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