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on 09/15/2009

Showdown: Inner Peace Anime 2009

I'm looking for ideas into an anime/manga flipbook/GIF animation/3GP video about a boy who's trying to achieve Nirvana (self-annihilation/unity with universe) while the Universe tests to see if he is ready for Nirvana by throwing every distraction in the book (and some not in the book) at him to see if he can master the art of stillness (AKA the practice of concentration, yoga, sitting tai chi, etc etc) and thus qualify for Nirvana.

All ideas welcome. I'm looking at making this a family-friendly, child-friendly, not-too-disturbing (OK that was redundant) anime piece.

Some minor details you need to know:
1. No total nudity will be filmed. If a scene describes a nude person, I will skip the scene.
2. Drugs are allowed so long as the boy can resist their urge. If he can't then he must fail the test. This failure must be extremely obvious.
3. Military recruitment is allowed so long as the boy can resist the call. Same punishment as above if he fails.
4. The film will be short, but if anyone writes a feature-length version, all the better!
5. The film will be sepia, and the format will be letterbox.
6. This film will be produced under the "OCA"/"One Chinaman Animation" studio label.
7. Regardless of writer/editor, the director will be "Zhang Julong" (moi).
8. Have fun! Don't stress yourself out. Take it easy! Happy fortunes!

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat! Fortune favors the bold! Why not we take the challenge!

What say you, brother?


Edited on 09/15/2009. Posted on 09/15/2009.

I should have mentioned the URL of the project is:


Have fun! Happy writing!

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