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on 09/17/2009

Have an Idea for a movie need help writing

its a comedy little action. ill give a summary about it if your interested ill be happy to work with any.

its about a teen who is in a holding cell after getting arrested for assaulting hes boss and destroying the supermarket he use to work at he shares is story that lead up to the day that he was arrested to the police officer and a inmate.


on 11/22/2009

sounds like a cool idea. I'd be interested


on 01/15/2010

So that's what happens... but what is it ABOUT? Example:

What happens in Jaws: "A Shark eats people during one summer in a quiet beach community."

What its about: "An aqua phobic small town sheriff in a small island community must fight small town political interests to save the town's inhabitants from a growing number of fatal shark attacks."

A teen destroying a supermarket is a good image, but it doesn't really tell me enough about where you want to go with it to know if I'd be interested or capable of helping you write it. I'd like to hear more if there is more and if there isn't I wouldn't mind going over where it could go.

Good luck.


on 03/16/2010

Hmm,...flashback based sort of speak...I suggst you you give an image of his family and social background in your movie and you say it's a comedy but sounds more like a melodrama to me....

Your description should more like an situation you're average Joe doesn't get into.... and some refs to the actual "fun" parts should be inclosed as well...

Anyways...good luck and if you need any help, I'll be happy to give you some...

Greetz WTF


on 03/16/2010

I am interested, i would be happy to help you screenwrite, is this supposed to be a feature or a short, i love features holla back at me i think i can help you tie your film


on 04/18/2010

Check out my current screenplay: Deployed about a young man who is sent to Iraq following the 2003 invasion, he then finds out he cannot mentally handle it and goes on a mental breakdown

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