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on 09/19/2009

Invitations won't work


I'm doing a classroom project with my students on Plotbot right now. Although the platform as such is great as a writing tool, we do encounter frustrating problems when it comes to inviting fellow students as collaborators. Invitation by email sometimes works - sometimes not. In these cases the kids get the mail, klick the link - but Plotbot tries to force them to create a new account. They won't get into the script using their existing account. Weird..
Facebook invitation doesn't work either: You see the invitation in your facebook account - but clicking it will do - nothing, absolutely nothing. We tried it not just from our school computers, but also from home computers, so this problem should not be based on network problems on our side.
The only way to get around that would be either to send the direct link to your project, or to make it public, so that fellow students can find it and join it themselves.

Any hints on the problems would be greatly appreciated.



on 06/04/2010

same problem (essentially)...
received invite to collaborate on script, all i get is "You've already registered an account".



on 12/06/2010

Same Problem, wtf? Why no help? Is this issue being worked on?

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