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Can I import the screenplay I've been working on in another program?

Update: YES. Please read import-my-screenplay' class='blue'>this entry

No, not yet. This is something we are working toward. If you'd like to register your support for this feature, please post a reply.

You can export your project as an RTF, which you can use to import into almost any other program you'd like. To export (or download) your project, go to your project's download page--usually located all the way to the right in the submenu of any project page.

Edited on 04/13/2009. Posted on 05/28/2008.

on 06/02/2008

I'll make a request to have the text written here able to be imported into Celtx.


on 06/02/2008

Zeller - we do support project export; you'll see it on the "download" page of any project you own. You can download an RTF file (or XML or HTML). RTF if widely supported across screenwriting applications--Celtx included. I've updated the help entry to reflect this.


on 06/20/2008

So how exactly do I import the RTF file into Celtx? I've tried a variety of different ways and can't figure out how to do it :(


on 08/20/2008

I signed up to Plotbot a couple of months ago, and returned for the first time today.

I was trying to remember why I'd failed to make any use of it. The answer turns out to be simple -- Plotbot offers no method for importing current work.

It seems to me that the import feature is fundamental.



on 09/01/2008

We're working on screenplay import. It will happen!


on 11/10/2008

5 months later and we still cannot upload from final cut :(


on 11/27/2008

The import module from Celtx project could be a starting point for your parser:




Edited on 01/15/2009. Posted on 01/15/2009.

Final Draft support seems pretty essential. If we're using Plotbot to collaborate we need to be able to get versions of a script in and out.


on 01/17/2009

totally agree with the final draft comments.
the site is a great idea but without this its difficult...


Edited on 03/11/2009. Posted on 03/11/2009.

Please email us if you would like to import your screenplay: contact


on 03/02/2015

Is there a way to import from Final Draft into Plot Bot? I see that this thread was started a few months ago and I wanted to see if there have been any advances.

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