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Is there any way to ensure my work won't be stolen and used as someone else' work?

Posted on 04/03/2014.

on 04/06/2014

Is there?


on 07/21/2014

is there really?


two years ago

Hello???? This is a very important question and if Plotbot forces people to show their work to strangers to collaborate. it becomes a scary proposition....so - developers of PlotBot - and fellow writers out there with copyright law know -how -- what say you?


two years ago



two years ago

I don't know of any way you can do it now. But i know that if you print up the finished product, you can mail it too yourself in an enclosed manila envelope, this is known as a "poor mans copy right"


two years ago

I heard that the "poor man's copy right" is not legally binding. the best thing to do is to register with the copy right office. I would also suggest making copies of everything you write along with the dates. This way, you can prove that you wrote it and when.

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