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Facebook: connecting your account

You can now log into Plotbot using your Facebook account. If you sign out of Plotbot, when you sign in again you'll see a Facebook button which will allow you to connect your account with Plotbot.

What does connecting your Facebook account do?

When you're signed into Facebook, you'll be signed into Plotbot. Easy as that. You don't have to remember a bunch of different passwords.

You can invite your Facebook friends to a project. When you go to the invite page of your project, you'll see a list of all your friends on Facebook.

You can post Plotbot items to your newsfeed. When you join Plotbot or create a public project, we'll ask you if you want to publish a story in your newsfeed to let your friends know what you're doing.

The Plotbot-Facebook connection works like any other Facebook app (Slide, RockYou, etc.). We don't have access to anything in your account that you don't allow us to see, and we'll never contact your friends or publish to your newsfeed without your explicit approval.

Edited on 01/07/2009. Posted on 01/03/2009.

on 11/21/2011

But how do you connect to facebook? Can't find a link anywhere.


on 05/20/2012

How do you disconnect your plotbot account from your facebook account?

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