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How do I leave a project?

If you want to leave a project, you'll see a link on that project's home page reading "leave project." Click that link to confirm your decision--and you're out of the project.

You may not leave a project you created. If you would like to delete a project, you can do so through the project settings page.

Posted on 01/07/2009.

on 07/05/2009

I would like to leave the project "A day in the garden" (which I joined without intending to join it...). I can't find the item "leave the project". Could you help me, please?


on 07/08/2009

donesn t work


on 07/05/2012

I couldn't find it either first but it's fairly simple: just click the name of the project and on the right side it says "leave the project". Click that and off you go!




on 07/05/2013

Hy, I have a question :
How can I remove someone from my script project ?

I want to remove two contacts from my project because they are not working. They are not even add, cut or organizing not even a little bit the script.
I do all the work.Ã

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