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Collaborating with Plotbot

Plotbot was built with collaboration in mind. Here are some key features to this end:

Everything you type is saved

As soon as you hit the submit button, your typing is saved. If you're revising something, both the original entry and all subsequent entries are saved.

You can revert to any previous version

Plotbot saves all of the changes so that writers on a project can easily revert to an earlier version. Or, if you've already reverted to an earlier version of some-thing and decide you liked the later version, you can go back to that, too. Even deleted items are saved and can be restored.

Comment on anything and everything

Plotbot has built commenting into every phase of the screenplay, from the broad view of the outline all the way down to individual lines of dialogue. It's a great way to give and receive instant feedback.

Don't Go It Alone - Invite Your Friends!

You can invite your friends to Plotbot to help out on your screenplays, by following the link in your Project Home Page (to invite them to a specific project) or from the Invite Form.

Contacts - Keeping Track of Your Plotbot Friends

When you invite friends, you can also make them your Contacts. It's a way to keep track of people you like, and allows you to easily invite them to future projects and check out what they're doing with their Public projects. (Any Private projects you work on aren't seeable by your Contacts unless they're also members of the projects.).

Edited on 05/26/2008. Posted on 05/26/2008.

on 07/05/2013

How can I remove someone from my script project ?

I want to remove two contacts from my project because they are not working. They are not even add, cut or organizing not even a little bit the script.
I do all the work.Ã

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