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Screenplay Elements

Elements are the individual building blocks of your screenplay, and are broken down into three major types: the slugline, action, and dialogue.


Sluglines tell you where the scene takes place, and consist of three fields: Int/Ext (to denote if your scene takes place in an Interior location or an Exterior location), the name of the location, and the time. Select INT or EXT, enter a location in the first field and a time in the second, then push "submit."


An action tells the reader what's happening on the screen in your film. Scenes often start with an action.


Give your characters a voice with dialogue! Dialogue elements have two parts—the character and the spoken lines. The character is centered and capitalized, and the spoken lines have tighter margins than action elements. We take care of all the formatting for you, so all you have to do is type!


Parentheticals are a way to denote action or description related to dialogue. To create a parenthetical in Plotbot, you simply enclose the desired parenthetical in parentheses in your dialogue box, and then we handle the formatting for you.

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