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Restoring Previous Versions of an Element

Plotbot displays the number of versions of an element to the right of the text. Clicking on this link or the change indicator will open up a view of all previous versions of an element. To the right of each, a blue Restore button will appear. Clicking this button will re-store the previous version of the element you choose.

You can always restore later versions of an element in the same manner, as well.

Edited on 04/15/2009. Posted on 05/26/2008.

on 07/31/2008



Edited on 04/13/2009. Posted on 04/13/2009.

Where's the restore button?


on 04/15/2009

You'll see the restore button when you're viewing previous versions of an element, which you can do by clicking the dot in the right column, or the text that says "2 versions" (or however many versions you have).


on 06/14/2009

If you press "2 versions" or whatever, it doesn't work. You need to click the dot.

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