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Create a Screenplay

Creating a project in Plotbot is a simple process that walks you through the steps necessary to set the parameters of your screenplay. Let your potential collaborators know all the details, from the project’s pitch to the level of collaboration you’re looking for.

The first screen asks for some basic information about your project:

Project Name

What’s the name of your screenplay? Don’t worry - you can change this later if you’re not certain about your choice.

Web-Friendly name

Use this to set the URL of your screenplay (ie, Just text or numbers here, please - no spaces or funny characters. You won’t be able to change this, so pick something you’re sure you’ll be happy with.

Project Description

Tell your writers a little bit about the project - just enough to get them interested should be good, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go into more detail throughout the project.

Is this a private project?

If you have any private projects available to you, you can restrict access to your project to only those you invite directly. Otherwise, your project will be publicly viewable in the Plotbot list of projects (though you will still be able to control how your writers can contribute in your project settings). You can also change this in your project settings in the future.

Copyright type

All work written on Plotbot is owned by the projects’ respective writers. The owners and creators of Plotbot make no claims of ownership over anything written using the Plotbot software. Beyond that, you can reserve all rights to a project, or allow your writing to be creatively reused by specifying a Creative Commons License.

Edited on 05/26/2008. Posted on 05/26/2008.

on 11/30/2012

I think i have found a home...for my project..

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