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Find a Screenplay

There are many ways to find a screenplay in Plotbot via our Screenplay Search page, which is always accessible at http://www.plotbot.com/projects/search. As you narrow your search results down, you can instantly preview the first page of any screenplay by clicking the “Preview Screenplay” link. If you like what you see, clicking “Continue Reading” will take you directly to the project’s screenplay.

Search Options

You can search for screenplays by length (short or feature films), format (ie. commercial, film, etc), genre or even the visual tags applied to the project. You can also see which projects are most active, have the most writers, or have been most recently updated.

Join a Screenplay

Once you’ve found a screenplay you like, click the “Join this project!” link at the top to become a member. You’ll want to take note of the expected collaboration level and other project settings, and use them to be a good, respectful member of your new screenplay community as well as the Plotbot community at large.

Read a Screenplay

As a member of Plotbot, you have access to read any open screenplays, even as they're in progress. Depending on the permissions set per project by the owner, you'll find you can even comment on projects you're not a part of.

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Posted on 05/26/2008.

on 07/25/2008



on 07/03/2012

my screenplay isn't showing up if you search for it by name. I had a friend I want to join the project and he typed the title in the search field and nothing came up. I checked the settings and the box that says "make private to search engines" is left unchecked. any ideas?

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