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Private Projects

By default, Plotbot projects are publicly viewable, and will show up in Project Search. In Project Settings, you can set the participation level of members who join your project, to restrict them to commenting or to encourage them to participate on all aspects of the project.

When signing up for Plotbot, you also receive a free Private Project. Private projects don’t show up in the Project Search, and are viewable only by those you invite to your project. It’s a great way to use Plotbot by yourself, or as a collaborative tool amongst co-writers and friends without letting everyone else see your project.

Setting a Project to Private

To set up a private project, simply check the "Make this a private project" box when you create a new project. To convert an existing project to private, access your Project Settings and check the "Make this a private project" box. All of our beta users have one private project available to them.

Posted on 05/26/2008.

on 05/31/2008

I wish we had more private projects.


on 06/02/2008

The paid options will likely include more or unlimited private projects. In the meanwhile, if you'd like more private projects please send us a message.


on 06/17/2008

How can the projects be trully private without using encryptions? I noticed that the url in my private project reads http, not https.


Edited on 01/25/2010. Posted on 01/25/2010.

It would be nice to have more than one project private. I'm writing a few screenplays down for future continuation, and would like them private.


on 05/01/2010

I agree with outlawr--wish projects could be private.


on 08/10/2010

The lack of https also concerns me.


Edited on 08/16/2012. Posted on 08/16/2012.

i agree with all of the above. More private options and more secure. But also thank you for providing a free service and very helpful screenplay writing site.


on 12/24/2012

Just found Plotbot. I've been looking for a solution to online script collaboration. This looks like the ticket. Hope it stays up and running. I see so many older posts.

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