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RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a great way to keep track of all the goings-on with your projects. You can subscribe to your feeds in any feedreader and be instantly notified of updates as they happen. There are two types of feeds in Plotbot - one for all of your projects and contact activity, and one for each individual project.

Your Projects feed

Your Projects feed will collect updates for all of your projects and feed you one entry per project, letting you know what's been recently updated. It will also tell you if someone you've invited has signed up, if someone has invited you to a project, or if someone has asked to be your contact.

You can access this feed from your Profile page at any time.

Individual Project feeds

A project feed will add an item whenever a writer makes a change to the project. The feed will look just like the activity column of the project home page—changes are summarized by session and you can click to see the details.

Each project’s feed can be found on the project’s home page.

Posted on 05/26/2008.
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