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Project Home Page

Check out what's happening with your project! This is the home base of operations for your screenplay. From here, you'll see:

- The Screenplay Description
- The Quick View of your screenplay - expected contribution level, rating, length, genre, and screenplay type.
- News - keep your collaborators up-to-date on what's happening with the screenplay using your project blog!
- Recent activity, including changes and comments
- Screenplay Stats - including the number of writers, scenes, screenplay elements and comments to the project and screenplay overall.
- The Screenplay’s RSS Feed
- Download Link - choose which flavor you’d like your screenplay in - XML or Rich Text Format.

Invite New Writers!

If you're the project owner or an administrator, you can invite writers to contribute to your screenplay.

In addition to the settings and stats, along the top of the page, you'll see links to each of the project's components - the outline, scenes, notes and the screenplay itself.

Edited on 05/26/2008. Posted on 05/26/2008.

on 07/28/2008

Page numbering. How will Iknow that I am on the last page of my script, e.g. page 120?And how do I scroll my whole scritp?


two years ago

I can not find my project on Plotbot. It's called "School Spirit". It's about a rural high school that vanishes as if it were never built and a traveling Buddhist monk that brings it back. Plotbot search is bringing up screenplays that isn't labeled "School Spirit". Where is it?

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