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Scenes are the building block of your screenplay. You can create as many scenes as you want and change the order of them as you please. While you can still do a lot with scenes from inside the Screenplay page, the Scenes page is a more robust interface for plotting your screenplay.

The default view of your scenes page lists them chronologically, with links to insert new scenes between them, as well as links to move scenes up and down. There’s a link to open your scenes page in a new window to have it side-by-side with your screenplay as you write.

Notecard View

The Notecard View is a quick, more compact gridded view of your scenes. You can access this at any time via the Notecard View link beneath the header on the left side of your Scenes page.

Creating new scenes scenes

When you click on “Insert New Scene”, you will be prompted to enter a Scene Title and Summary. You can edit the title and summary of existing scenes by clicking the text and editing in place, just like editing elements in your screenplay.

After you create a scene, you can click on “Read this Scene” to be taken to that scene’s spot in the screenplay.

Reorder Scenes

You can always reorder your scenes by using the up and down arrows in each scene to move them accordingly.

Restore a scene

Any scenes you have deleted will show up at the bottom of the Scene page with a Restore this scene link. Restoring the scene will return it to its original place in the scene order.

Posted on 05/26/2008.

on 06/19/2013

I can't seem to reorder my scenes using the drag-and-drop feature. They don't stay where I move them. Is it an issue with the browser I'm using or something else? Anybody know?


on 06/20/2013

@arlothompson - reordering scenes is now fixed. Sorry for the trouble!


a year ago

I accidentally deleted the wrong scene and when I restored it all of the actions, dialog, everything was gone. Is there any way to restore my hours of work?

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