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Typing Flow and Elements

Plotbot wants you to find typing your screenplay to be an easy, intuitive experience. You should be able to type without lifting a hand for your mouse.

To this end, Plotbot will make an educated assumption about what element type you'll type next, while making it easy to choose a different element. The typing tool follows these Element relationships:

* Slugline to Action
* Action to Action
* Dialogue to Dialogue

For example, if you're typing dialogue, once you hit enter, you'll jump straight into another dialogue element. If you're looking to type another element instead (give us some action with that dialogue!), you can simply push TAB to convert to an ACTION or SLUGLINE element and move forward.

Edited on 03/11/2009. Posted on 05/26/2008.

on 10/18/2008

Yes, but what about transitions?


on 03/05/2009

What are they?


on 03/11/2009

We now have support for transitions and shots. They are not part of the TAB flow, but you can find them in the dropdown at the top of the screenplay toolbar.


on 12/18/2010

it's putting mine backwards


on 01/08/2013

Is there a way to add another element between others? Like for instance, I have written a few dialogue elements, then realised I need to add an action 5 dialogues ago. Is there a simple way to do this?

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