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Project Settings

By following the Settings link from your Screenplay’s Project Home Page, you’ll see there are many more options for customizing your project and setting some ground rules. You can change your title and elevator pitch, length, rating, genres, collaboration levels, and upload a project icon. You can also set your granular permissions levels and promote members of your project to co-owners, if you so choose.

Project Icon

You think movie posters have a tough time cramming all the ideas of a movie into a one-sheet? Well, try doing it with a 48-pixel-square jpeg. No, really, try it - it’s a chance to give your screenplay a little visual identifier.

Full Pitch

Here’s your chance to expand a little on the elevator pitch you provided when you created your project. It’s not your outline, but it’s a chance to provide a succinct paragraph or two about your project.

Private project

If you’ve got a private project available, you can convert your public project here. If your project is already private, you can also switch it back to public.

Permission levels

Plotbot has a number of different levels of participation that can be set within each project, to help you delegate and administrate your screenplay. There are four roles to manage levels of access: Plotbot writer (not necessarily a member of the project), Project Member, Project Owner, and the original Project Owner. No one other than the project originator is a project owner until specified in the settings by the project originator.

In the Project Settings, you can use these roles to determine the appropriate level of access for each of the following: commenting, changing the outline, editing scenes, locking scenes, editing the screenplay, branching scenes, deleting scenes, accessing the rss feed, sending invites, downloading the screenplay, changing news, or changing settings.

Posted on 05/26/2008.

on 08/08/2008

edit qiuck pitch.

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